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Corinne Waldenmayer
Corinne and a baby rhino.Born and raised in Africa, Corinne is a consummate world traveler who never lost her strong attachment to the continent. After being educated in Europe and the United States, she retired from an executive position after nearly twenty-years in the US corporate world, and returned home, determined to make a difference. As the African Conservancy's President and Executive Director, she is committed to applying her business and technical skills, her knowledge of philanthropy, and her love and understanding of Africa to promote the preservation of African wildlife and traditional cultures, which she believes are our global heritage, the last true instance of the divine design, a portal to human spirituality, and the key to some of life's most profound mysteries.

Norbert Waldenmayer
Norbert distribute aspirin to some viallge members Also an expatriate, Norbert Waldenmayer left his native Germany at the age of five to grow up in the San Fernando Valley, outside of Los Angeles, CA, also known as The Jungle. With an advanced degree in development and city planning and management, Norbert is a visionary who has spent the best part of his professional life re-developing blighted city areas, and developing rural and suburban areas in an eco-friendly fashion. A lover of animals and open-spaces and a champion of the underprivileged, Norbert lost his heart to Africa the first time he set foot on the continent. As the African Conservancy Chairman and Founder, he is determined to apply his very significant resources to its preservation and enhancement.



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