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September 2003

Vista Spotlight, San Diego Union Tribune, September 7, 2003

Fundraiser to Benefit African Conservancy, North County Times, Sept. 15, 2003

March 2003

African Conservancy offers Sustainable Travel

February 2003

Illegal Pet Trade: Can Anything Be Done to Stop It?. February 8, 2003

African Conservancy Announces Traveler's Legacy Program, February 18, 2003

December 2002

Travel For Fun, Adventure, And To Make A Difference, Ranch and Cove Magazine

November 2002

Preserving Africa, San Diego Union Tribune, November 3rd 2002

October 2002

Orgwatch, San Diego Daily Transcript, October 3rd 2002

Safaris benefit African Wildlife, North County Times, October 6th 2002

Locals fight to preserve African wildlife, North County Times, October 7th 2002

From Vocation to Avocation: Corinne Waldenmayer Strives to Promote Conservation Goals in Africa, 501(c)(3), October

August 2002

African Conservancy benefits Wildlife and Cultures in Africa, PNN Online, August 12 2002

African Conservancy opens online Marketplace and Gallery to benefit Wildlife and Cultures in Africa, 501(c)(3), August 2002

July 2002

Orgwatch, San Diego Daily Transcript, July 18th 2002

June 2002

Walk on the Wild Side with African Conservancy, Vision Magazine, June 2002

Safaris benefit African Wildlife, North County Times, June 10, 2002

  Educational Safaris Launched, The Coast News, June 13 2002

April 2002

Group Works To Preserve African Wildlife, North County Times, April 18, 2002

Roses And Raspberries,North County Times, April 22, 2002

Earth Day Has Come To This,North County Times, April 23, 2002

Nanninga Barbs Were Misinformed, North County Times, April 29, 2002

Contributed Articles

A User's Guide to Selecting Fundraising Software, TGCI Magazine (The Grantsmanship Center), Summer 2002

Connecting a Far-Flung Board, TGCI Magazine (The Grantsmanship Center), Fall 2002


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