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Preserving Traditional Culture

Learn More About Culture While a great portion of the world is concerned with modernization and the furthering of trade and science in all societies regardless of the impact to local culture, the African Conservancy is concerned with the preservation of cultural expressions that meet man's most ancient and universal (traditional) needs, or the expressions of his humanity. These include religious, ethical, and artistic expressions; systems for explaining and dealing with natural phenomena: magic, mythology, and traditional medicine; and systems to satisfy the need to learn, or education.

As we work to accomplish our mission to preserve traditional cultures, we do want to avoid the common pitfall of contributing to Africa's acculturation. In order to meet that goal, we are committed to participate in and to support or sponsor those cultural programs that originate in African society rather than without, and that are implemented primarily by African teams using African resources. A by-product of those resolutions is that all our initiatives, while not undertaken solely for the purpose of economic development, contribute to it.

Under the criteria defined above, our program plan includes environmental and cultural education, sponsorship of artists and craftspeople, and the documentation of religious and ethical practices, traditional medicine, and magic and mythology.

Programs under research include the merchandising of local hand-painted textiles; the sponsorship of a series of books on traditional medicine, magic, and mythology; and the sponsorship of an organic farming cooperative that teaches residents of the Luangwa Valley to organically produce much needed fresh herbs and vegetables to the local tourism industry.

Masai Woman

African Conservancy programs that are well under way include the development of our Online Store & Gallery where we will offer African arts, crafts, books, and music, and where all art and craft pieces are created by sponsored artists and craftspeople; and our Tribute and Memorial program, which utilizes cards produced by African artists. Please, as you consider what to give your family and friends for that next occasion, remember that the Conservancy's Online Marketplace & Gallery and Tribute and Memorial program, are a convenient locations for unique gitfs, and that your purchases help us sponsor African artwork and the continuation of African culture.



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