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Balance comes from within, and solutions to African problems must be defined in Africa. To succeed in maintaining or re-establishing the extraordinary balance that exists in ecosystems where human cultures flourish amidst the wilderness, we are committed to working from within those ecosystems, and have established our African headquarters in Zambia.

Panthera Ridge
Panthera Ridge is a 300-acre paradiseWilliam Burchell on Africa ideally located just outside of the Zambian capital of Lusaka. Set on a gentle hillside and graced at its very top with panoramic views of the distant Shona Hills and the Chongwe River Basin, Panthera Ridge is treed by elegantly spaced "miombo" woodland, with occasional "mopane" trees, and delightful clumps of tropical secondary growth, including palms, ferns, rubber plants, orchids and bromeliads. As do most African sites, it comes habited by a few related families - that have very quickly become like our own and whose members are looking forward to meeting all of you, as we tell them tales of our own, big, Conservancy family.

Panthera Ridge, the land, is a tremendous find and we are lucky to be in a position to acquire it. But we are just as excited about Panthera Ridge the project: over the next two years, we will be adding a guesthouse exclusively for our members' use; and an administration and research center from which we will manage current programs and research future ones. The property is also large enough to accommodate on-site programs, and both wildlife and cultural programs are currently under consideration. (If you would like to be informed of Panthera Ridge and other organizational development, please, sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter.)

Balance comes from within and if we hope to support Africa in maintaining its natural and cultural balance, we must work from within. The African Conservancy's headquarter at Panthera Ridge establishes our presence in Zambia, a country ideally suited to furthering our mission; it provides an administrative and logistic center for programs research, planning, and delivery; it maximizes our ability to effectively manage the programs we choose to deliver; and last but not least, it is part of our thanks to you. With deep appreciation for your support, we offer it as your home base in Africa. We invite you to enjoy it during your own African travels, or through the Conservancy's educational travel program or volunteer program. Our hope is that you will visit us many times and that as a result the beauty and spirit of Africa will become year after year a little bit more your own.



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