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Tribute & Memorial Gift Cards

Tribute & Memorial Gifts
Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and remembrances are all opportunities for you to share the wonderment of Africa with a special person. By making a donation in their name, you will demonstrate your thoughtfulness, express your feelings of fondness, love and admiration while continuing to support our efforts.

Tribute & Memorial gifts may be made for the amount of $20 or more. We will notify the recipient of your gift by sending them your choice of beautiful gift card. Please printout and complete the Tribute & Memorial Gift Form, selecting one of the gift cards from below. Once the African Conservancy receives the form, you card will be promptly sent to its recipient.

(You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view this form.)

Tribute Card 1

Tribute Card 1

This card is entitled "Village Scene" and is a reproduction of a work by an artist named Abala.

Abala creates miniature impressionistic oil paintings, no larger than an index card, and sells them mounted to an 8.5x11 sheet of paper folded in 4, to be used as cards. His work is exceptional in its diminutive perfection, and his colors and themes illustrate his love of home, traditions, and his country.

We met Abala as he sold his paintings/cards on the street and decided to support him. We hope you will do the same.

Tribute Card 2

Tribute Card 2

"Buffalo" comes to us thanks to Julia Cassell a Zambian-born artist who expresses herself through her oils and watercolors. We found Ms. Cassell's work staring at us enticingly from the shelves at the Mercury Mail office and decided right then and there that her work was just what we needed to illustrate the beauty of African wildlife and to demonstrate the level of artistic talent that can be found on the continent.

Julia Cassell's work ranges in size from medium to large canvas, and we do hope to offer some of her original works in our Gallery in the not too distant future. In the interim, we will feature several of Ms. Cassell's masterly wildlife illustrations as tribute cards, and we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones enjoy them.

Memorial Card

Memorial Card

The baobab tree is an African icon and a symbol that, for many sub-Saharan tribes, represents the Guardian of the Spirits. Chiefs, medicine men and other tribal dignitaries are often buried close the baobab with the certainty that their souls will rest in piece under the vigilant guardianship of this majectic tree.

Our "Baobab" is the work of Los Angeles artist, Kate Cunningham who, at the request of the African Conservancy founders kindly agreed to paint and donate an original work, inspired by photographs taken in Africa by Conservancy staff.

Ms. Cunningham's work is typified by a blend of boldness and sensitivity and a brilliant use of color. We thank her for her beautiful creation and are very greatful for her willingness to help us honor our departed.



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