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African Conservancy Art Gallery

Decorative Art

From embroidered cloth to jewelry, body scarification to decorative weights and measures, and architecture to hairstyles, the range of African decorative arts is an endless source of aesthetic pleasure and functional satisfaction. Experience it in our Decorative Arts Gallery.

Winter 2003 Decorative Arts Exhibit:
Shona Sculpture: Zimbabwe's Contemporary Artists

Spring 2003 Decorative Arts Exhibit:
Furniture: Objects for Living

Winter 2002/2003 Decorative Arts Exhibit:
Body Art: A Means for Self-Expression

Winter 2001/2002 Decorative Arts Exhibit:

Kuba Cloth: Playing with Geometry


Discounting earlier wood sculpture, which would not have survived the test of time, African teracotta sculpture has been successfully dated as far back as 925 BC. Visit our Contemporary and Traditional Sculpture Galleries to view examples of this very long African sculpting tradition, in both its traditional and contemporary forms.

Contemporary Carvings
Traditional Masks, Dolls and More!

Spring/Summer 2002 Sculpture Exhibit:
Power Figures from Central Africa

African Art from the AC Gallery

Paintings, Drawings, & Prints

From its earliest rock paintings and engravings to today's flamboyant oils, watercolors, and collages, Africa has managed to produce two-dimensional art that has had a profound influence on the art we see today. Our Paintings, Drawings, and Prints Gallery strives to bring you fine and unique examples of two-dimensional arts produced by contemporary artists. Look for its opening in Spring of 2002.

African Art from the AC Gallery


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