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Shopping with a Cause

The products we offer have been all been selected for their functionality, educational value, and origins. All products made in Africa are hand-made by individual artists or craftsmen or by cooperatives of the same. Your purchase ensures their producers continued income and enables us to continue to support improvement programs in their area and communities.
All benefits derived from your purchases on our online store are channeled back into our African projects.

Our featured travel clothing, books, CDs and videos are available to you through our affiliate programs with providers such as Ex Officio and Our organization benefits from any purchases you make with these organizations when you click through
from our site. You can go directly to these sites by clicking the links below or browse through our store to see some of our suggestions.

What's new in the Marketplace

Take a look at our beautiful new animal candles from Swaziland which make perfect presents. We've stocked up just in time for the holiday season.

African Conservancy merchandise is available exclusively to our members.

All your purchases made on Amazon and Ex Officio generate revenue for our projects when you click through from our site.


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