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San Diego Museum of African Art
Important source of information about African peoples and their art.

TRAFFIC Bushmeat
Report on the bushmeat trade by TRAFFIC, the foremost wildlife and plant trade monitoring organization.

TRAFFIC Tourist Guide
For the real traveler, your guide to what NOT to buy when visiting those exotic places.

Associated Links

African Converservation Foundation
A UK-based not-for-profit foundation, primarily concerned with education in Africa in the areas of environment and conservation. ACF build and maintain websites for NGOs and conservation groups that can't afford the publicity for their projects. ACF are building up a directory of all conservation groups in Africa, with the aim of sharing of information and research reports.
Africa Guide
A wide ranging guide regarding all African countries, including news links, images and facts and figures.

African Wildlife and Conservation
A comprehensive internet directory, virtual library, research tool and resource center, intended to facilitate awareness, and motivate people towards positive action and support for sustainable wildlife practices.

Contemporary and ethnic artwork. African woodcarvings and Tanzanian Tingatinga art. Based in the Netherlands.
Art Promote
For art lovers, this site promotes worldwide artists, including many wildlife and African artists.
Uncrated Rhino
An education and commercial site where you can find out more about the plight of the rhino and buy associated merchandise.
A comprehensive portal with extensive resources on all aspects of Africa, including tourism, environmental, outdoors and leisure communities.
World Wide Arts Resources
An online arts portal, with featured artists and galleries, as well as educational information regarding art and art news.

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